12/17/2012 07:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Roy Choi On 'Fresh Off The Boat' With Eddie Huang (VIDEO, NSFW)

VICE's "Fresh Off The Boat" host Eddie Huang continues on his tour of Los Angeles with a stop in East LA -- or what Chef Roy Choi calls "the real LA."

The Kogi Truck king served as Huang's spirit guide in East LA, taking him to Guisados, a taco restaurant famous for their thick, handmade tortillas and made-from-scratch stewed meats.

But it was more than just chow time for the two Asian-American chefs. Both spoke candidly about rejecting "model minority" stereotypes to break into the food industry.

Choi described himself as the "black sheep" of his family because he couldn't compare to his successful cousins. "I can't sit in this, like, laboratory and split cells," Choi said.

The lament hit home for Huang, who had tried careers in both law and journalism before opening his own restaurant.

Just like the Persian Square segment of the episode, Huang couldn't resist getting in a little dig about LA, calling the city "suspect" for its boring materialism.

"Everyone I come visit is just trying to show me, like, another pool deck, you know? Another roof deck," said Huang about the city.

But Choi, who maintains a very zen-like demeanor throughout the entire segment, has a much more chilled-out vision of the "LA vibe."

"When you're eating there ain't nowhere else to go," said Choi. "There's no before, there's no after. There's just right now."

Watch Choi's segment in the above and check out the video below for Part Three of Huang's LA tour: hanging out with the Techniques car club.




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