12/17/2012 12:13 pm ET

'Six Little McGhees': Get to Know the McGhee Sextuplets (VIDEO)

High-school sweethearts Rozonno and Mia -- now husband and wife -- got the surprise of their lives when they learned they would be having sextuplets. Though Rozonno and Mia both come from low-income families, this inspirational couple has since gone above and beyond to create a wonderful home for their six energetic and demanding now-toddlers -- all with a lot of love and hard work.

In the premiere of "Six Little McGhees" on OWN, Mia and Rozonno introduce their children. "There are six different kids," says Mia. "There are six different personalities."

Firstborn Rozonno Jr. is a "tough old cookie," says Mia. Says Rozonno, "He tries to ignore you."

Josiah is "the clever one," sneaking his brother's food. He's also a charmer, always trying to kiss the girls. "He'll give you that smile..." Mia says.

Madison is the jokester. "She loves pulling pranks on you," says Mia.

Olivia is a princess. "You don't want to look at her wrong -- she will cry," Mia says. "Drama queen," says Rozonno.

Issac "tries to be the boss," Rozonno says. "And if you're not doing something right, he will smack you." Issac also loves to dance. "I call him 'Happy Feet,'" Mia says.

Elijah, the youngest of the boys, is "the momma's boy."

Mia and Rozonno say that despite the fact that "everything is times six" in their household, help from their families and friends -- as well as a positive outlook on life -- is getting them through. "Life isn't always fair," Rozonno says. "We know that because of where we came from, and what we had to do to get to where we are now."

"Raising multiples is hard on a marriage, but you just have to make up your mind that 'This is my life, and I'm going to live it,'" Mia says.

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