12/19/2012 10:02 am ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Digital Sympathy Card For Sandy Hook Victims Gets 2 Million Signatures

It’s a small gesture of sympathy, but it’s already garnered more than 2 million supporters.

David Paine, co-founder of 9/11 Day, posted a digital sympathy card for the victims of Sandy Hook to and it’s quickly become the site’s fasted growing campaign ever.

The short, but moving note reads:

Please know that we care deeply for you and we join with you in sharing your sorrow and pain. We only hope that you receive some measure of comfort in the knowledge that we, and an entire nation, stand with you during this extraordinarily difficult time.

The card has already surpassed its goal of collecting 2 million signatures and only one other petition has topped 1 million signatures, Causes Community Manager Alejandro De La Cruz told Mashable.

"Although it's not a true 'petition,' the user on our site improvised the tool to show support for those affected in Newtown," De La Cruz told the news outlet.

Feeling inspired? Sign the digital card here and learn how you can help the Newtown community here.



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