12/18/2012 06:02 pm ET

Five Best Financial Tips for Women Divorcing in 2013

We’re all in hustle-and-bustle mode these days. Everyone has a list that needs attention right away, whether it’s shopping, end-of-semester activities, end-of-year deadlines, holiday preparations, celebrations with family, friends and colleagues . . . or all of the above. With so much to wrap up (literally and otherwise!), it’s understandable that larger concerns tend to get put on hold till after the New Year.

Of course, ending a marriage is one of the largest concerns a person can have at any time of year. Maybe you resolved last December to try and make things work in 2012, but it’s clear now that the marriage is over. Maybe you wanted to spare the family upheaval during the holidays. Practically speaking, maybe you’ve been waiting to file your 2012 tax returns, or for your husband’s end-of-year bonuses so that can be counted as marital property when it comes time to work out a settlement.

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