12/18/2012 05:10 pm ET

New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman: I Stand By My Fox News Report '100 Percent'

New York magazine's Gabriel Sherman is standing by his recent report about Fox News after network analyst Brit Hume demanded a correction.

On Monday, Sherman reported that Fox News executives explicitly barred employees from discussing gun control on-air in the wake of the Newtown shooting over the weekend. The order came from executive producer David Clark, according to the report. "We were expressly forbidden from discussing gun control," one source said.

The Hollywood Reporter disputed Sherman's report, writing that employees alleged that an email from executive producer David Clarke was taken "out of context."

Hume contested Sherman's report, citing the Hollywood Reporter story. "Time for a correction," he tweeted.

Sherman defended his piece, writing, "Brit, the piece is rigorously reported. I stand by it 100%."

"Gabe, your story was implausible on its face & contradicted by numerous examples," Hume responded. "I'm sorry for your sake you stand by it."



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