12/18/2012 03:58 pm ET

'How I Met Your Mother' Shocker: Behind Barney And Robin's Surprising Engagement

"How I Met Your Mother" fans were shocked last night when (caution: spoilers ahead!) Barney proposed to Robin after a season of relationship drama.

Co-creator and executive producer Carter Bays answered some of fans' burning questions in an interview with Vulture Tuesday, admitting that he's aware of the "ickiness" of how Barney got Robin to say "yes" (Barney concocted a 15-step plan to alternately woo and reject Robin, creating emotional highs and lows and keeping her guessing until he ultimately proposed).

"It'll come up that there's two sides of this coin: Was this a big, whimsical romantic gesture, or was it emotional manipulation? Ultimately, I think that's really Barney in a nutshell: loveable amorality," Bays said. "The next chapter in this story is about Robin deciding if that's really what she wants in a husband, and Barney deciding if he's about more than just magic tricks."

Watch Barney's proposal in the video above, and read the more of Bays' hints for the rest of the series here.

Check out photos from the set in the slideshow below.

How I Met Your Mother

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