12/18/2012 01:18 pm ET Updated Feb 17, 2013

How To Boost Your Wifi Signal: Minute Hacks

Minute Hacks

We may be in the midst of an era completely saturated by technology and gadgets that access the web, but that doesn't mean that your Internet connectivity is always up to speed. Nothing wastes time quite like a bad Internet connection--whether you're trying to write a paper, email your grandparents, or watch Maru videos, slow Internet will just hold you back. If you're not a complete tech wizard, sometimes slow wireless can make you feel powerless to do anything. But before you panic and spend an arm and a leg to summon your Internet provider's assistance, try having a little faith in yourself--you're more tech-savvy than you may realize! The following video, brought to you by HackCollege, will give you a look at ways you can personally speed up your WiFi--without calling for help.

You'd be surprised at some of the variables that can impact the speed of your Internet, as well as some of the means you can use to rectify those issues. While you don't need to be a gadget-guru to personally speed up your Internet connection, you do need to be resourceful and willing to problem solve. Fortunately, this video will walk you through, step by step, just what you need to go from zero to full speed in no time. Whether you've been living with painfully slow Internet for way too long, or you just want to see if you can ratchet your connectivity up a notch, check out this Hack College video and you'll cruise down the information super highway in no time at all.

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