12/18/2012 07:14 am ET

'Intervention': Young Mother Lives In Closet With Son, Thinks Her Addiction Isn't Hurting Anyone (VIDEO)

Sarah was a 21-year-old mother who was also a heavy user of Oxycontin, meth, ecstasy and more. She had herself convinced she was not a drug addict, though, saying she was just experimenting with them on "Intervention."

She even said that her drug use wasn't hurting anyone, though it had her and her son living in a closet. She used government money to buy drugs and went on binges where she would disappear for days. It was tragic that she couldn't see how much she was hurting herself, her family, and perhaps most importantly, her son.

When her family tried to help her, Sarah got violent, lashing out at them on camera. She pushed both her mother and grandmother, who managed to keep their cool and keep their focus on caring and helping.

Ultimately, Sarah did agree to go into treatment, but the show reported that she left after only 30 days.

See more stories of addicts facing the toughest day of their lives on "Intervention," Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on A&E.

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