12/18/2012 11:50 am ET

Michael Bloomberg: Obama Should 'Lead From The Front' On Gun Control (VIDEO)

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg again pressured Obama to take action on gun control, saying the president should "lead from the front."

Bloomberg suggested Obama should propose a plan on gun control, even if it's not likely to get passed.

"It's the president's job to promote a plan that satisfies the needs of the country," Bloomberg said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." "He is the Commander-in-Chief -- he's the Consoler-in-Chief, but he's the Commander-in-Chief. Whether the legislation that he proposes gets passed or not, that shouldn’t be his first consideration.”

“I'm not unsympathetic to the realities of getting things through Congress, I'm not unsympathetic to the fact that the press calls an elected official a failure if their legislation doesn't get passed,” Bloomberg said. “But you have to stop and think -- what’s the difference between a legislator and an executive? A legislator’s job is to sort of split the baby ... make sure everybody gets something. That’s not an executive’s job. The executive says, ‘this is what we’re going to do’ and then convinces people to come along. Leads from the front and not from the back.”

Bloomberg has been extremely vocal about this support for more restrictions around gun control in the wake of the Newtown, Conn. shootings that killed 26 people, including 20 children, on December 14. Bloomberg called for "immediate action" Friday, and days later said that no action from Congress on gun control would "be a stain upon our nation of protecting the innocent, including our children."

Bloomberg also later criticized the NRA, calling the group "vastly overrated."



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