12/18/2012 06:53 am ET Updated Dec 18, 2012

'Pawn Stars': Fifteenth-Century Crossbow Worth Thousands (VIDEO)

A crossbow worth thousands was brought into the shop on "Pawn Stars," and it was something Rick had never seen before. The crossbow dated back to the 15th century and the Bavarian-German army.

Rick was excited to see the item, saying he'd never had a medieval crossbow in the shop before. He brought in an expert to appraise the item.

The expert said the crossbow was worth up to $10,000, which probably sounds pretty impressive to most people. The crossbow's owner wasn't impressed with the appraisal though, and thought it worth even more. Ultimately, he didn't sell the historical artifact to the shop, but it was still fun for Rick and the viewers to see it.

You never know what's going to walk in the doors on "Pawn Stars," Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on History.

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