12/18/2012 02:49 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

Waldorf-Astoria Anniversary Discount Awards Couple Room For Just $21 A Night

Sure, money can’t buy you love. But after 60 years of marriage, Jerry and Peg Sussingham’s love bought them the deal of a lifetime.

The Sussinghams, from Baldwin, New York, recently paid a mere $21 to spend a night at New York's historic Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on their 60th wedding anniversary -- the same rate they paid for a room at the hotel in 1952, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 19th floor hotel room typically goes for $3,450 a night today.

Jerry and Peg, both 83, spent the night of their wedding at the famous hotel six decades ago. Luckily for them, Jerry is “very organized,” according to his wife, and still had the 60-year-old receipt from the hotel. This allowed them to take advantage of Waldorf's policy that allows couples to return to the hotel for special anniversaries and pay old room rates.

To see the original receipt and read the full story, click here.

Although the Waldorf’s policy gets little publicity, the Sussinghams are not the first couple to take advantage of the promotion. In March, a couple from Connecticut spent their 60th wedding anniversary at the hotel for the same $16.80 rate they paid for their honeymoon in 1952.

The hotel clearly has a passion for historic preservation. In July, the Waldorf kicked off an “amnesty program” that allowed guests to return anything that was stolen before 1960. Whether it was silverware or linens, the hotel would take the items back, no questions asked, in an effort to preserve the hotel's history.



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