12/19/2012 12:46 pm ET

2012 Media Awards: Joe Buck, Jay Bilas, Skip Bayless, More - More Sports highlights a select group of people in television, radio, print and online who were newsworthy, both for positive and negative reasons, in 2012.

Person of the Year

THE PICK: Joe Buck (Fox)

Yep, we know. Plenty of you hate him. You think he's smug and sanctimonious and got his gig because of his famous last name. That rap is old. Buck is an exceptional baseball announcer and he's improved yearly in football. His skills were most visible on Oct. 14 when he called an NFL game (49ers-Giants at Candlestick Park) in the afternoon and an MLB playoff game (Cardinals-Giants at AT&T Park) at night, a television stunt that promoted Fox Sports but also highlighted the broadcaster's unique versatility. Most impressively, Buck's performance came less than a year after a virus he contracted in the laryngeal nerve of his left vocal cord nearly cost him his career.

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