12/19/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

Architizer Blog » Great Places To Grow Old! Architecture + Aging

Architecture is, in a sense, a celebration of history. Designers and architects are heavily influenced by the past; whether or not they admit it is another case. Centuries of design evolution have lined our streets with these masterpieces, creating an environment that allows future architects to learn from the history that surrounds them.

It is important then for architects to remember not only the buildings from the past but also the people who helped the industry evolve. With an ever-increasing importance placed on universal design, homes for the elderly have begun to move beyond  sad, salmon-colored retirement homes. Architects and designers worldwide have begun to create homes, health centers, and meeting places that are specifically intended for aging users, without lacking aesthetic appeal. In a world where people will do just about anything to keep from growing old (no matter the cost), these "advanced" designs make it okay to flaunt your actual age