12/19/2012 03:18 pm ET

Crocodile Jumps On Tourist's Head In Australia (VIDEO)

A tourist swimming in a river in an Australian national park got a real shock earlier this month when he got a little too close for the comfort of a crocodile sunbathing on a nearby rock.

The swimmer, identified in the YouTube video as Felix Andersson was cavorting in picturesque Litchfield National Park in the Northern Territory when he approached the rock where the crocodile lay.

Andersson and his friends Ulrik Bergsland and cameraman Jakob Hellberg were in an area known as Wangi Falls, a swimming hole in the naitonal park south of Darwin. The park is known to be the haunt of crocodiles, according to The Australian.

The reptile launched itself directly at the Swedish tourist, reports Yahoo! slapping him in the face before landing in the water. The trio were unhurt in the incident.

During a much more serious crocodile attack in northern Australia in 2008, a man saved his wife's life by jumping on the croc's back, according to the Associated Press. The woman suffered leg and hand injuries but was released by the eight-foot reptile after her husband's heroic act.

In 2010, a reportedly drunk tourist less heroically climbed into a western Australia crocodile park and tried to ride a giant crocodile named "Fatso." The crocodile did not oblige, and attacked the man, who managed to escape with severe cuts to his leg, according to Perth Now.



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