12/19/2012 05:41 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Mudslide Derails Freight Train In Washington State (VIDEO)

Nobody was hurt in a mudslide in Everett, Wash., that derailed seven cars of a train on Monday. But the accident made for dramatic viewing.

Cell phone camera footage of the incident is making the rounds. Watch above as mud tumbles down a 100-foot embankment and knocks over a passing Burlington Northern Santa Fe freight train as if it were a toy model.

"I saw the hill start to go," witness Ricky Ivelia told the Associated Press. "It went down and hit the first car and it tipped over, then more cars kept tipping over. It was crazy how loud it was and how slow it all happened."

Passenger rail service was cancelled between Everett and Seattle through Wednesday, according to My Everett News.

While the train Everett train reportedly carried cleaning supplies that didn't threaten the public or the environment, other recent train derailments have been more hazardous.

In November, a train carrying vinyl chloride derailed in southern New Jersey, prompting officials to tell residents to stay inside. Eighteen reported feeling short of breath.

In October, a train hauling a host of toxic chemicals derailed in Jefferson County, Ky., resulting in an evacuation of those within a one-mile radius. Firefighters designated the accident a Level 3 HazMat situation.