12/19/2012 06:07 am ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

'Nightmare Next Door': Ronald Harnois Kills Wife To Prevent Her From Testifying About His Other Wife Murder Plot (VIDEO)

"Nightmare Next Door" told the twisted story of Ronald Harnois. He was married to two women at once -- technically, his second and third marriages -- and wanted to end his second marriage. But rather than getting a divorce, Harnois instead opted to try and kill his wife. His deranged murder plot was unsuccessful, he was put behind bars for attempted murder.

Unexpectedly, while Harnois was locked up, his third wife, Tammy Petrin, was found murdered. It turns out that Harnois hired two of his former fellow inmates to kill Petrin. He wanted her eliminated so she couldn't testify against him in his attempted murder trial. He was convicted anyway.

Patrick Youngs, the Rhode Island Assistant Attorney General, said, "Ronald Harnois is diabolical. And lives in this kind of crazy fantasy world of cheap, dime-store crime novels."

Harnois was convicted in the murder of Petrin as well. He is now serving three life sentences for Petrin's murder on top of the 20-year sentence he got for attempting to kill his second wife.

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