12/19/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Quick Divorce: Texas Law Firm Offers New 'Divorce Resort'

Anyone who's been through a divorce would tell you it's no day at the spa.

But in 2013, Austin law firm Weinman & Associates is seeking to change that with their alternative, fast-track divorce process known as Divorce Resort. Both spouses and an attorney spend a three-day weekend at a four-star resort (such as the Lake Austin Spa and Resort) in the Central Texas area. After the weekend is over, Weinman guarantees that all disputes regarding custody, property and child support will be resolved.

Divorcing couples who are on especially bad terms have the option to settle the issues individually with the mediator so they never have to deal with each other face-to-face.

The first two days are spent mediating the major points of contention, such as finances and custody arrangements. Any lingering disputes will be resolved on the third day through arbitration. Weinman's website also emphasizes the program's ability to save divorcing couples not only time, but money too.

"When faced with the reality of divorce, taking a new approach to reduce the amount of conflict involved in the process will reduce the amount of stress and anxiety of all of the family members involved," Divorce Resort creator and attorney Daryl Weinman said in a press release. "Plus it will keep more of the family’s hard-earned assets in the pockets of the family, rather than in the pockets of their adversarial attorneys."

But the Divorce Resort package isn't the only one of its kind. Click through the slides below for five vacation destinations that cater to those still seeking a split and those who have recently ended their marriages.

Hotel And Resort Divorce Deals

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