12/20/2012 08:03 am ET Updated Feb 19, 2013

Ai Weiwei's Christmas Screensaver: Let His Door Gods Protect Your Home

Ai Weiwei says: 'Posters of the Door Gods are traditionally placed at the entrance to every Chinese ­family's home to protect them from evil spirits. This includes ­details from art works I have made, such as Sunflower Seeds and ­Watermelon; and internet ­memes such as Caonima [the red-nosed llamas in the foreground, and the title of Ai's Gangnam Style parody]. The caonimas represent the spirit of defiance against internet censorship in China. Each Chinese New Year, I ­create a different poster of the gods for ­netizens to download and post on their doors. I would like to share this with Guardian readers.'

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