12/20/2012 11:29 am ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Amor Artega, 9-Year-Old Rapper, Honors Sandy Hook Victims With Song

A 9-year-old rapper from Brooklyn, N.Y., took to the streets of his East Flatbush neighborhood in the fall to film his music video for "Stop Da Violence," a song calling for the end of domestic abuse, bullying and gun violence. After the horrific shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., his song is more relevant than ever.

Amor "Lilman" Arteaga decided to tie his song to the 26 victims of the Sandy Hook shooting after the Dec. 14 massacre, according to the New York Daily News. Lilman enlisted the help of his father, Juan Arteaga, to pay homage to those who died in Connecticut.

“We felt it was the right thing to do," Arteaga, who added a tribute to the Sandy Hook victims at the end of his son's music video, told the Daily News. "He’s a child who is talking about stopping gun violence. And so many little kids were affected by this. We live in a community where people doing (shootings) is the norm.”

In "Stop Da Violence," Lilman raps: "Put da guns down/ Stop the killing/ Think before you act/ Don’t make a poor decision/ The world is hurting, we all need healing/ No more guns/ What a wonderful feeling."

The inspiration for his music video, which was released on Sunday in honor of the victims, "came from all the violence that's going on in our schools, homes and communities," Lilman told Yahoo News. "I thought it was time that we all just came together to stop all the violence."

“Smaller kids than me, for real, kindergartners, were killed," the little rapper told New York's Pix 11. "He didn’t care at all. He just walked right out with no sense in his mind. The family members that now have to spend their Christmas in a funeral. It’s a tragedy what happened that day.”

Lilman said he hopes the president sees his work. "Obama should listen to me," he told Yahoo. "If we work together, we can make a difference. I am young. I can reach an audience that politicians and other grownups try to relate to, but they really don't know what to say."