12/20/2012 08:04 am ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Brittany Murphy's Death: Remembering The 'Clueless' Actress 3 Years Later

It's been three years since Brittany Murphy died, on Dec. 20, 2009, from a fatal combination of prescription drugs, pneumonia and iron deficiency.

The actress, who died at 32, had come a long way since her days as a gum-snapping high school student in 1995's "Clueless," in which she starred alongside Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd. No one had any clue idea just how big they were going to get.

"When we were making the movie, you don’t think the movie’s going to be good. You think, I’m making the next 'License to Drive'. You think this movie’s going to be just for teenagers and that’s it," actor Donald Faison told Entertainment Weekly at a 17-year "Clueless" reunion in October.

But for Murphy fans, there's still more work out there to be seen from the actress. The Los Angeles Times reported recently that Murphy's last film, a horror indie called "Something Wicked" by director Darin Scott, has finally been completed -- meaning that a posthumous release could be in a theater near you soon.



Remembering Brittany Murphy