12/20/2012 10:46 am ET

Grocery Shopping for Sextuplets: The 'Six Little McGhees' [VIDEO]

If you haven't already caught high-school sweethearts Mia and Rozonno McGhee from Columbus, Ohio, in their new show, "Six Little McGhees," what better way to get to know them than on their challenging (but fun!) monthly trip to the grocery store -- with their six kids and helpers in tow?

"My whole life is times six now," says Mia in this clip. "Everything [is times six]!"

The McGhees have a total of $1,450 dollars to spend on food, diapers and any extras for the month. Can they stay within their budget?

It doesn't bode well when they arrive at the grocery story and Mia asks, "You got the list?" Rozonno answers, "I did not bring the list." Uh oh!

A hundred and fifty fish sticks, 90 biscuits, 84 bananas, 72 eggs, 10 loaves of bread, 7 gallons of milk and more than 1,000 diapers later, the McGhees' grocery-store trip is a success -- and under budget!

"It… makes me feel good that my kids are getting all the things they need," says Rozonno. "And I'm tired of buying diapers."

"I'm not," says Mia. "Not in a rush. To potty train?! I don't think so. That's going to be horrible!"

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