12/21/2012 09:28 am ET Updated Dec 21, 2012

Jane Fonda Birthday: 75 And Still Fit, A Look Back At Fitness Moments

It's hard to believe that actress, activist and fitness icon Jane Fonda turns 75 years old today. And given her ageless looks and radiating good health, it's clear that all those workout videos have paid off in the longterm. In fact, many of Fonda's moves are considered ahead of their time by current industry professionals.

"Jane Fonda pioneered the workout movement with dancer-inspired exercises that create lean curves using only your body weight as resistance," Molly Fox told FitSugar. "The emphasis on posture and core strength was way ahead of its time."

These days, Fonda continues to produce workout DVDs and stays fit with a regimen of yoga and strength-training. On the 30th anniversary of her first workout tape in April of this year, she wrote:

No one had ever done a fitness video before. I remember writing the script on the floor of a hotel room during a Christmas skiing vacation in Calgary. It was spit and prayer, flying by the seat of our tights and leg warmers. (I always wore leg warmers because my real love was ballet and ballet dancers wore leg warmers.) Sidney Galanty, who had done the campaign ads for Tom’s U.S. Senate campaign, was the director. I used some of my Workout Teachers and clients in the video with me. We rehearsed a few days, made some mistakes, did our own hair and makeup, had one camera and figured it was no big deal.

We are glad she was wrong -- as are the hundreds and thousands of people working in fitness entertainment today.

And to celebrate Ms. Fonda's 75 years and three decades in fitness, we've compiled a slideshow of our favorite moments on tape:



Jane Fonda's Greatest Workout Moments