12/20/2012 09:52 am ET Updated Dec 20, 2012

Bartolomé Florido, Spanish Driving Instructor, Gives Out 333 Lottery Tickets To Unemployed People

Distressed by his country’s staggering unemployment rate, Bartolomé Florido decided to try and bring some good luck to hundreds of struggling Spaniards.

The 60-year-old driving instructor recently doled out 333 lottery tickets to people without jobs, whom he met coming out of an unemployment office, according to thinkSPAIN.

“A lot of them asked me, 'how much is it?' and when I said, nothing, it was a present, many of them hugged me and cried,” Florido told thinkSPAIN.

This is the third year that Florido has purchased tickets for disadvantaged people, but in the past he spent just 300 euros, according to a translation of a 20minutos story.

“I've seen this year that the crisis has gotten worse and noticed people are more desperate,” he told 20minutos, “so I made a strong effort, and I put 1,500 euros in my pocket to help people."



Man Donates 333 Lotto Tickets To Unemployed