12/20/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Myspace Tom Twitter Zinger Shames Critic Into Deleting Account

Well, Tom, this won't earn you any new friends... or will it?

"Myspace" Tom Anderson, everyone's first friend from the troubled social network's glory days, deflected a barb from a critic on Twitter with a zinger that appears to have shamed the heckler into deleting his account.

Tweeting about the recent debacle over Instagram's updated Terms of Service, Anderson said it is "ridiculous" for users to fear the upcoming changes to the service's policies. This prompted a prickly comment from user @polotapia that Anderson quickly and effectively put down:

myspace tom twitter

Anderson's epic burn has now been retweeted more than 7,400 times.

According to his Twitter profile, Anderson is happily retired and enjoying the big pile of money that he was paid for selling Myspace to News Corp. in 2005. While we can imagine he's endured his fair share of ribbing for the decline of the site, none of us clock punchers likes to be reminded of the ol' grind. A single tear of proletarian sympathy for dearly deleted @polotapia rolls down our collective cheek at the evocation of wage slavery.

At the same time, many have united behind Anderson, and the backlash appears to have shamed @polotapia into abandoning his Twitter account. Daily Dot reported a slew of inane abuse that tweeters heaped on the man unfortunate enough to take on Anderson. The quick and ugly exchanges drew a lot of media attention, including this exhaustive analysis by the Atlantic Wire.

But not everyone's on Anderson's side. Gizmodo, for one, called him a "prick".

Perhaps it might have been enough for Myspace Tom to let the numbers speak for themselves -- the numbers prefaced by dollar signs, that is.

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