12/20/2012 09:13 am ET

Shrimp Cocktail Is Making A Comeback

Because it's shrimp, with cocktail sauce. And that's a good thing.

The two things that make shrimp cocktail so great are oftentimes also their downfall: the shrimp and the cocktail sauce. It's the reason most of you interpret the sight of shrimp cocktail as a sign of a bad party. And we can't blame you -- the shrimp is almost always rubbery and the cocktail sauce too sweet.

There are nearly no redeeming qualities in a bad shrimp cocktail, except that they remind us of how good shrimp cocktail can be (and used to be). We're here to bring it back to its glory days. Because we believe that shrimp cocktail should always mean good things.

There are two tips for making shrimp cocktail. First, boil the shrimp with seasoning. It's so easy. You season all your other food (we hope), and you should treat your shrimp cocktail with the same respect. Second, make your own cocktail sauce. If you know how to scoop and stir, you can make cocktail sauce. And just like with all things food, it's so much better when made from scratch. Also, if you can, use fresh horseradish. You won't regret it.

Get the recipe for a good shrimp cocktail

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