12/20/2012 06:52 am ET

'Stalked: Someone's Watching': Former Congressman's Family Stalked By Campaign Worker (VIDEO)

"Stalked: Someone’s Watching" took a look at former congressman Bob Krueger. When he was running for senate, a man named Tom Humphrey worked on his campaign. After Krueger lost, he and his wife let Humphrey rent their house across the street from them.

It turned out to be a horrible mistake. Humphrey became obsessed with the Kruegers. Ultimately, they had to kick him out of the house, but he kept contacting them via letters and calls.

"Tom would fill up an entire tape in one night, so that meant at least 60 calls," Krueger said. And the calls covered every possible topic, including "obscene, disgusting bathroom talk," according to a family friend.

At the time, there were no anti-stalking laws in place. As Humphrey had not hurt anyone, police could do nothing to help the Kruegers. When he eventually threatened to kill the Kruegers, they were able to arrest him. He reportedly stalked the family for many years before he was caught.

The Kruegers used their personal experience in an appeal before a house committee to urge the passage of anti-stalking laws.

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