12/20/2012 05:19 pm ET

'Wheel Of Fortune' Maybe Screws Over Contestant On 'Seven Swans A Swimming' Answer (VIDEO)

How "Wheel of Fortune" contestant Renee managed to keep her cool on the air is beyond us after watching the above clip that aired on Wednesday.

With thousands of dollars on the line, Renee elected to solve the "Living Things" puzzle that read, "S E _ E N S _ _ N S A-S _ _ M M _ N G." She seemed to correctly answer "SEVEN SWANS A-SWIMMING." Only she tailed off before sounding out the last "G," making her pronunciation sound like "Swimmin.'" However, the "G" was on the board in plain sight.

Renee didn't get credit for the answer. Contestant Amy did, on the next spin. But notice in the aftermath how host Pat Sajak appears to gloss over the potential tension by telling puzzled winner Amy that Renee understood what had happened. Then watch Renee's mouth tighten as she dutifully nods, while Sajak calmly explains to the audience and Amy that Renee used vernacular speech instead of sounding out the "G" -- and that Renee knew that. "But that's OK," Sajak adds. "We still have some time."

"Holy crap that is horrendous," objected one commenter on the YouTube video of the segment.

"That is so f---ed up," wrote another.

Jeff Frieders, a Wisconsin radio host who spotted the clip, wrote on his blog for WXEM FM, "I found it fairly strict."

To be fair, perhaps in between the segments caught on tape, Renee did express to Sajak that she understood what happened and accepted it. But it sure doesn't look like it in the video.

What do you think? Did Renee mess up like this "Wheel of Fortune" contestant? Or does she deserve to be "wheel" mad?