12/21/2012 11:12 am ET

11 Things You Can Forgive Yourself For

1. Changing your mind about someone. You can shit talk circles around a person and then one day realize that they’re not so bad after all. IT HAPPENED TO ME: I was a total bitch to my future best friend! It’s natural to feel horrible after you spent 365 days of concentrated hatred on someone who’s your actual SOULMATE, not to mention it’s always embarrassing when you realize you were totally wrong about something. But hey! People change, including them, including you — and your opinions are going to have to adjust accordingly. Forgive yourself for being wrong, it’s only going to happen again and again.

2. On that note, you can forgive yourself for falling out of love. Love is a choice you make every day, and if it’s eventually a choice that makes you want to stand in front of a train, it’s not a healthy one. No one enters a relationship with the intention of murdering someone’s will to live, but you shouldn’t sacrifice your happiness for someone else’s illusion of it.

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