12/21/2012 04:08 pm ET Updated Dec 21, 2012

Detroit Books Published In 2012, From Sports History To Literary Fiction

As winter finally hits Detroit, we're suddenly hit with the urge to stay inside and curl up next to a fire with a mug of hot cocoa (perhaps with a liberal dose of peppermint schnapps) and a good book. But that doesn't mean we're done thinking about Detroit -- we never really are.

Fortunately, many an author, like photographers and filmmakers before them, focused on the city this year. One delved into the city's architecture, another chronicled the city's greatest export -- not cars, of course, but the Coney Dog. A couple beautiful photography books would make excellent last-minute gifts, and several authors penned serious takes on the city's history and future, if your New Year's resolution is to read denser fare than mystery novels (there's one of those, too.)

The only thing we're missing: we wish we had more fiction to include on the list, so we could prove New York Times reviewer Adam Langer wrong when he wrote, "it’s almost as if novels themselves had had to flee the post-1960s urban blight."

So get writing, future novelists! For background and inspiration, check out our list of the best books published this year about Detroit. If we left out your favorite, tell us in the comments, and happy reading!