12/21/2012 06:24 am ET

Jane Fonda: 'I'm Having The Best Sex Of My Life' And 11 More Unforgettable Quotes On Her Birthday

In 75 years, Jane Fonda has done a whole lot of living.

It seems like with each passing decade, the actress, writer and health and women's issues advocate went through a new reinvention. We first met her as on the big screen, jumping from campy sci-fi sex symbol in "Barberella" to Oscar nominee in "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" Fonda then became public enemy number one for her support of Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War, raising the ire of many. Personal fitness icon, billionaire divorcée, author, longevity expert, "third act" revolution leader... Fonda has managed to stay busy and on our radar for years.

But throughout each of those reinventions, Fonda has always maintained a refreshingly honest take on her life and the issues that matter most to her -- no matter if she's talking about her "fulfilling sex life" or how to best live your "third act."

On her 75th birthday, we take a look back at some of her most memorable quotes in recent years. Whether you like her or loathe her, one thing is for certain: her vitality is hard to ignore.



Jane Fonda Quotes