12/21/2012 12:19 pm ET

Kevin Durant Circus Shot: Ball Goes Off Top Of Backboard And In During Thunder-Wolves Game (VIDEO)

When you have led the NBA in scoring for three straight years like Kevin Durant, these circus shots tend to go your way.

The explosive Thunder star made an incredible and-one shot in the third quarter against the Timberwolves on Thursday night. Durant first used a screen at the top of the key to get around Andrei Kirilenko. Then he drove right into Nikola Pekovic and Luke Ridnour, drawing a blocking foul while throwing up a wild shot.

Durant wasn't even watching since he reacted to the whistle and turned his back to the basket, presumably to make sure he wasn't called for a charge. So he missed the ball roll along the top of the backboard and somehow fall right through the hoop.

"Now look, there are a lot of times when you're a scorer, you know angles. But oh no.. he.. didn't!" said TNT announcer Reggie Miller.

The T-Wolves got the last laugh though, grinding out a 99-93 win to snap Oklahoma City's 12-game winning streak.



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