12/21/2012 03:42 pm ET

Paul Chabot, Former White House Drug Advisor: 'I Don't Have A Lot Of Faith' In Obama Drug Policy (VIDEO)

Paul Chabot, who served as a White House drug adviser to Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, told HuffPost Live on Friday that he lacked faith in the Obama administration's drug policy towards Mexico as that country's government is in the midst of transition.

"I don't really see much change happening," Chabot told HuffPost Live host Alicia Menendez. "I don't have a lot of faith right now in this administration and what they're doing, just based on recent circumstances."

Chabot referenced past attempts to target high-level drug traffickers, arguing that such an approach can only be part of a larger overall strategy.

"We can target the drug cartels all we want, but unless we're also implementing a system to go after local corruption and help to root that out, help to build up a civil system, we're going to have a lot of difficulty in turning around Mexico," Chabot said.

The discussion also included John Ackerman, editor-in-chief of the Mexican Law Review; Alejandro Hope, a security analyst at Imco, and David Borden, executive director of

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