12/21/2012 10:02 am ET

Ruben Navarrette Slams DREAMers, Sparking Angry Reactions From Latinos

CNN commentator Ruben Navarrette, Jr.’s recent column chastising Dreamers who he says sometimes act like “spoiled brats” who are “drunk on entitlement” has sparked angry reactions from the movement’s supporters.

Arguing that aggressive protests may undermine comprehensive immigration reform, Navarrette criticized undocumented activists for demanding citizenship and likened their protests to “public tantrums” in a piece published Wednesday.

“I know what a lot of those so-called DREAMers deserve to get for Christmas: a scolding,” Navarrette writes.

That opinion didn’t sit well with DREAMers or Latino bloggers and journalists who sympathize with their movement.

Univision reporter Jaime Zea pounced on Navarrette, with this tweet:

The blog Latino Rebels slammed Navarrette on its Facebook, saying “Dreamers don’t care what you think. And they shouldn’t.”

Cuentame joined in on Facebook, writing:

The main reason we are at this amazing possibility for Immigration Reform is because of the incredible DREAMER movement and their arduous hard work not in spite of it. What have YOU Ruben Navarrete done for it?

In a column published Oct. 18, Navarrette had lamented the ugliness of political dialogue and called for people to debate respectfully with people they disagree with.

But the condescension that characterizes Navarrette’s Wednesday column does not seem aimed at elevating political discourse. After listing off the DREAMers demands, which include citizenship, driver’s licenses and access to health care, he writes: “Gee, kids, can we get you anything else? Maybe free massages the next time you stage a sit-in?”



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