12/21/2012 05:45 pm ET

Stock Photos: Ridiculous Things Women Do In Santa Hats

Here at HuffPost Women, we look through hundreds of stock photos each week searching for that perfect image to accompany a piece on breast cancer research or a new sex study or the occasional Ryan Gosling homage. If you think that doing this day after day is a recipe for boredom, you need to take a spin around the Alamy, Shutterstock, Getty and other stock photo sites. The most mundane searches often yield unexpected, hilarious and sometimes inexplicably absurd results.

When November turned to December and we began writing holiday-centric posts, we knew our stock photo searches were about to get even weirder. Seriously, what is it about Christmas that makes people think it's OK to don matching apparel and pose in front of green screens? Oh, that's just the Kardashians? Still. In the spirit of spreading joy, we've compiled eight wacky depictions of what stock photo services think women do when wearing santa hats. We never knew awkward partial nudity and red felt were so closely intertwined. Enjoy!

LOOK: What Women Do In Santa Hats, According To Stock Photos

What Women Do In Santa Hats, According To Stock Photos