12/22/2012 01:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Playboy Bunny Costume Gets A New Sari-Inspired Look For India (PHOTOS)

"My biggest challenge fell below the waist," says the designer.

Despite receiving a barrage of criticism, Playboy trudged on with its plans to open up clubs across India -- with brand new, modest bunny costumes, of course.

The less-revealing outfits were unveiled in Mumbai on Wednesday and will be worn in the new beachside Playboy Club in Goa next year. Designer Mohini Tadikonda was tapped to take on the iconic silk corset, black tights, fluffy tails, ears, bow-ties and cuffs and translate the pieces into an ensemble that's more in line with India's strict obscenity laws.

Tadikonda's tempered take? He kept the ears, bow-ties and tails, but added a one-shoulder corset top with a bare midriff and a long, sheer skirt. He explained the tricky alterations to the Mumbai Mirror:

"My biggest challenge fell below the waist. At first, I wasn't sure how to work around the hip exposure that is iconic to the American Bunny costume. The upper portion of the bustier was not an issue and I was able to leave that untouched. I knew that the hip had to be covered, so I developed concepts that addressed the questionable area while still allowing an illusion of exposure."

Of course, it's worth noting that these India-specific costumes are the only set specially made to adhere to local guidelines. In fact, Playboy magazine is banned in the country entirely. But don't worry, Hugh Hefner himself reportedly gave his seal of approval on the more conservative duds. Plus, Sanjay Gupta, Playboy India's chief executive, seems to think that the bunny costumes should be the least of India's modesty worries. "If you watch Bollywood films you will see women dressed far sexier and in more revealing outfits," he said.

Gupta did make sure to add one caveat for the forthcoming Playboy Bunny club: "We are clear about one thing: There will absolutely be no nudity."

What do you think of the new Playboy Bunny uniforms? Take a look the redesigned version and the classic costume below and tell us which you prefer.

The new Playboy Bunny uniform for India:

playboy bunny costume

playboy bunny costume

The traditional Playboy Bunny uniform:

playboy bunny uniform

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