12/23/2012 03:30 pm ET Updated Feb 22, 2013

Haight Street Undercover Marijuana Busts Rattle Area Residents

This article comes to us courtesy of the Bay Citizen.

By Shoshana Walter

San Francisco police Capt. Greg Corrales strolled down a dirt path in Golden Gate Park looking for someone to arrest.
Corrales, 64, had left his uniform at the police station, a few blocks from Haight Street. Today, he wore a pair of black jeans, a Giants cap and a jersey that read, "Grumpy."

He headed for Alvord Lake, a manmade pond near Hippie Hill, and spotted a group of ragged young men. As he drew close, one looked at him and brought a closed finger and thumb to his puckered lips.

Corrales knew the sign: weed for sale.

The undercover captain said he wanted $20 worth of marijuana, pocketed his purchase and disappeared into the park. Moments later, a team of officers swooped in to arrest the unsuspecting seller.

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