12/24/2012 06:53 am ET

'Shocking Family Secrets': Woman Was An Escaped Convict For 30 Years (VIDEO)

Marie Walsh had a secret that left her family stunned. On "Shocking Family Secrets" she talked about the day a police officer knocked on her door and showed her a very familiar mugshot. It was hers.

"I was an escaped convict and I kept it secret from my family for 30 years," Walsh admitted.

Her husband was so shocked, he couldn't make sens of what was happening. "The whole thing is surreal in so many ways; straight out of a move or out of a book," he said.

At age 19, Walsh explained, she unwittingly got caught up in a drug deal while hanging out with a friend, and was sent to prison for 10 to 20 years. Out of desperation, she escaped after serving only 14 months and started going by a different name. notes that after being caught again, Walsh only had to serve about a year in prison before she was let go.

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