12/26/2012 05:38 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2012

Cynthia Jorge, Tom Cruise Not Likely To Last If Tabloid Attention Continues, Says Source

Is Cynthia Jorge, a 26-year-old Queens native and New York City restaurant manager, Tom Cruise's new girlfriend? That’s what the cover of In Touch magazine says. However, friends of Tom’s say after this cover, anything she might have had with Tom, is off.

The pair was spotted dancing at NYC’s Le Baron nightclub on Dec. 18, just two days after Tom met Cynthia after dining at Beauty & Essex, where she works.

“Cynthia used to work at Benjamin Steakhouse in midtown before she got her job on the Lower East Side. And before that, she was a party promoter,” a friend of Cynthia’s tells The Huffington Post. “She has always liked press attention and wanted to be famous.”

In an interview from when she was working at the steakhouse, Cynthia said her favorite part of her job was "meeting new people, from CEOs to celebrities to just really interesting people in the industry. That and the food. I always say I’m so spoiled because every day I get to feast on some of the most amazing food in the city -- not to mention the best steak. I was a vegetarian for 10 years before starting to work with Benjamin’s, now I’ll never look back.”

However, it looks like all this attention will kill any chances of seeing much more of Tom. “He hates it when he thinks people leak stories about him to the press,” says one friend of the actor.



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