12/26/2012 09:34 am ET Updated Dec 27, 2012

iPad Mini Apps: The 13 Best Apps That Any New iPad Or iPad Mini Owner Should Download Immediately

You got a new iPad Mini for your religious holiday of choice! Congratulations! Take it out of the box, give it a good sniff and then power it on: We've got some apps to download.

Below, we've got 13 of our absolute favorite apps for iPad and iPad Mini: The essentials, the best of the best. These aren't the only apps you need for your new Apple tablet, but they are certainly a good start. Let's get downloading.

The 13 Essential iPad Apps Of 2012

(This is an updated version of our favorite iPad apps from 2011. It has been refreshed for the current year).

CORRECTION: A previous version stated that the iPad did not come with an alarm clock. That changed in iOS 6, as Apple added its own clock.