12/26/2012 05:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

James Knight, Dentist Who Fired 'Irresistible' Worker, Gets Slammed On Yelp

Users are taking to Yelp to discredit an Iowa dentist who fired his assistant for being too hot.

An all-male Iowa court ruled last week that James Knight was justified in firing his assistant, Melissa Nelson, for being too “irresistible” and putting his marriage at risk. While Knight's marriage may be safe for now, his business is another story. Yelp users panned the dentist for firing Nelson and as of Wednesday afternoon, all of the reviews of Knight’s business on Yelp were in reference to the court ruling.

One user wrote: “Please, boycott this man, as you've probably read in the previous comments, he believes his physical attraction to people to be so uncontrollable that he is justified in firing them.” Another Yelp user posted the entire Associated Press report on the site.

(Scroll down for more negative Yelp reviews)

Though intended as a site for customer reviews, Yelp has become a forum for users to call businesses out after they appear in the news. Scott Van Duzer’s Florida pizza restaurant was hit with a wave of negative reviews after the Republican bear-hugged President Obama in September.

The site has become so influential that some businesses will go to great lengths to boost their ratings. One Canada business owner created a fake sex site profile of a user that wrote a negative review of her business. In addition, Yelp is cracking down on businesses it suspects are paying users to write positive reviews.

Check out some of the negative review’s of Knight’s business below (h/t Business Insider):

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