12/26/2012 08:35 am ET

Tim Tebow Is 'Phony As A Three Dollar Bill,' Says ESPN Commentator Merril Hoge (VIDEO)

By Angel Diaz, Complex Sports

In the clip above, Merril Hoge and his big tie-knot digs into Tim Tebow because he refused to run the Wildcat during Sunday's game vs. the San Diego Chargers. Hoge never bought into Tebowmania and has been calling him out on his QB skills since day one. Reports have surfaced saying, Tebow was upset with not being named the starter in favor of Greg McElroy. Those reports apparently got Merril's panties in a bunch along with Adam Schefter's undeniable Tebow slurpage and excuse making.

Hoge politely lets Schefter finish and goes on to say:

"Listen, to me it smells like three day-old fish. OK. I think he's a three dollar bill."

Well, damn, tell us how you really feel. We got to give it to him, though. Merril has been consistent on his Tebow slander. Now if only we can get him to stop wearing those ties. Baby steps, we guess.

[via The Big Lead]