12/26/2012 02:25 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2012

Vogue's 2012 Covers Were Colorful, Model-Filled & Totally Awesome (PHOTOS)

With the rumor mill abuzz about Beyonce's March 2013 Vogue cover, we got to thinking: why does everyone make such a big deal about Vogue covers? It's just another fashion magazine, after all, one of the dozens that get printed every month of every year. Why the fuss?

After taking a quick glance at the myriad Vogue covers from the year gone by, we realize why: Vogue covers are the best. Of the mainstream style mags, Vogue consistently pulls its models away from the white backdrop of the studio and plants them somewhere more interesting, somewhere more visually exciting. Anne Hathaway got a close-up against a wall of flowers, Rihanna slouched -- with clothing on! -- in a field of wheat and Jennifer Lopez got near (if not in) the water.

And the international editions do American Vogue one better: they use real models. Carolyn Murphy, Gisele and even Kate Upton popped up on international Vogue covers in 2012, proving that celebrities haven't taken over everything (yet).

So which are your favorites? See our roundup of the best 2012 Vogue covers, both at home and abroad, and vote on your faves!

Vogue 2012 Covers

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