12/27/2012 01:47 pm ET Updated Dec 27, 2012

Breakup Songs: Readers Share The Song That Got Them Through Their Splits

You can't underestimate the power of music to help you through a breakup. There's a reason why Adele's "Someone Like You" is the most requested song for karaoke fans, despite those high notes. Who hasn't warbled their way through that tear-jerker at one point or another? It's relatable!

So with that in mind, we asked our Twitter and Facebook followers to tell us the one song that kept them going after a split. Their picks included everything from grunge hits by flannel-clad mopers to Mary J. Blige "I'm-better-off-without-you" breakup jams.

Click through the slideshow below to hear their choices, then head to the comments to share the song you couldn't stop listening to after your split.

The Song That Got Me Through My Split

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