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Country Living Appraises Late 1970s Gloria Vanderbilt Plates: What's The Worth?

We're very excited to syndicate one of our favorite columns, 'What Is It? What Is It Worth?' from one of our favorite magazines, Country Living. All text and images below are provided by Country Living. Get ready to be surprised!

"These patterned dishes cost me $20, all told, on eBay. Can you tell me when they were made?" - S.R.H., Knoxville, Tennessee

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Late 1970s Gloria Vanderbilt Plates

Professional appraiser Helaine Fendelman identifies and evaluates your collectibles and antiques.

Heiress, artist—and mother of newscaster Anderson Cooper—Gloria Vanderbilt may be best known for igniting the designer-jeans phenomenon in the late 1970s. But a few years before she put her signature, and that iconic swan logo, on denim, Vanderbilt partnered with tableware company Sigma to create goods for its Tastesetter line. Your dessert plates, in Vanderbilt’s Fond Memories pattern, are reminiscent of late-19th- century collage. Though they aren’t old or particularly rare, their Victorian style feels absolutely of-the-moment.

What It’s Worth: $35 For the group of four

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