12/27/2012 03:00 pm ET

Fish McBites Coming Soon To McDonald's Nationwide For Limited Time

Christian theologians must have a word for the period between Lent and Christmas. But we don't know it. So, being High Priests in the Religion of Fast Food, we propose that these 10 months be henceforth known as The Time It Took McDonald's To Bring The Fish McBites National.

Back in February, you see, we wrote that the world's biggest fast food chain was testing a new menu item called Fish McBites, a piscine take on its popular (and relatively new) Chicken McBites. And now McDonald's has revealed its plans to take the Fish McBites national at the beginning of 2013.

The Fish McBites, which are made of Alaskan pollock, will be available in three sizes: "Snack" (3 oz), "Regular" (5 oz) and "Shareable" (10 oz). Reports from about a month ago indicated that the snack size would be part of a revitalized dollar menu, but a McDonald's representative told HuffPost Food this would not be the case. Instead, prices will vary from location to location. (That said, it's possible that some locations will offer the "Snack" size for a dollar.)

If you're excited about tasting teeny-tiny versions of the Filet-O-Fish, though, you had better act fast. A McDonald's representative told HuffPost Food that the Fish McBites are only going to be available for a limited time across the country. They'll only be added to the permanent menu if they sell extremely well -- as the Spicy Chicken McBites did, but the regular Chicken McBites seem not to have done.

McDonald's commissioned a (rather annoying) song to promote the new launch. The company is asking creative fast food fans to submit ideas for a "Fun, Funny, Exciting, Creative, Unique and Culturally-Relevant" music video for the song, one of which will eventually be produced. The winning videographer will get a $16,500 prize for his or her work.



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