'Shocking Family Secrets': Friends Keep Mistaking A Woman's Secret Twin For Her (VIDEO)

On the season finale of "Shocking Family Secrets" on Discovery Fit & Health, Adriana knew she was adopted, but there was something else about her past she didn't know. When she went to college, something strange started happening. Friends kept telling her that they had seen her out and said hi, but she’d ignored them.

Adriana finally realized they were seeing another woman who looked like her. She tracked down the girl and sent her a picture of her. The two looked the same. Adriana’s mother confirmed that she’d been struggling with a secret -- Adriana had a twin.

Adriana's mother said she would have adopted both sisters, but she wasn't given that choice. She worried that Adriana would think they'd separated the two if she found out about her sister. What none of them knew was that the girls had been growing up so close together -- one in Manhattan and the other on Long Island.

Now, the two were going to two different universities just ten minutes apart, thus explaining why Adriana's friends were mistaking her sister for her on the streets. Since the two have met, they've become very close, making up for all that lost time.

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