12/28/2012 04:33 pm ET

Braves' 'Screaming Indian' Logo To Appear On Batting Practice Hats: REPORT

In an attempt at a retro look, the Atlanta Braves are reportedly revisiting an aspect of franchise history that many would like to forget: the "screaming indian" logo. Per, this controversial Native American caricature has not appeared on any Braves uniform since 1989. Apparently, it will be back in 2013.

As revealed by Paul Lukas of Uni Watch at, all 30 MLB teams are set to unveil new designs for their batting practice caps for the 2013 season. While most of the designs are notable for their contrasting brims, bold colors and nostalgic callbacks to beloved logos (see the Mets, A's designs), the Braves are invoking a distinct look that many thought was discarded with good reason.

"Most of us had thought that they had canned that thing, but apparently not," wrote Craig Calcaterra of HardBallTalk. "Poor, poor form, Atlanta."

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To the shock and disgust of many, the Braves are dusting off the controversial logo. Shortly after Lukas provided a sneak peek at all 30 cap designs, the image of the Braves' BP design sparked debate on social media over whether the logo was retro, racist or a bit of both.

Lukas, who has written thoughtfully about the issue of Native American imagery in sports, graded the design an "F," the only such mark given out.

While many on social media tended to agree with Calcaterra and Lukas about the reappearance of the logo, there were still some who seemed enthusiastic about the return of the "screaming indian." Here are some notable reactions from Twitter on both sides of the debate.

Reactions To Braves' Logo

What do you think? Should the Braves be bringing this logo back into use? Should MLB allow it?