12/28/2012 01:15 am ET Updated Feb 26, 2013

White House Petition Calls For David Gregory To Be Charged Over Gun Magazine Use

A petition on the White House website is calling for David Gregory to be charged for his use of a gun magazine on last Sunday's "Meet the Press."

It seems that a White House petition is now de rigueur for any media controversy; twin petitions about Piers Morgan (to eject him from and keep him in the United States, respectively) accompanied his anti-gun comments on CNN. Now, over 11,000 people have demanded that Gregory face the consequences of his potentially illegal wielding of the empty magazine during an interview with the head of the NRA.

"David Gregory is not above the law; he is a journalist, and must be held accountable to the same law as every other person," the petition reads in part. It has not reached the 25,000 signatures necessary for the White House to respond.



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