12/28/2012 12:08 pm ET Updated Dec 28, 2012

Ed Sheeran Pick-Up Lines: 10 Amazing One-Liners From The Brit Singer's Debut Album

We have to admit, when we heard rumors that our favorite red-haired Brit, Ed Sheeran, might have been dating fellow singer-songwriter Taylor Swift, we were pretty psyched about it. Of course, those rumors ended up being false -- she actually appears to be dating Ed's real-life bestie, Harry Styles from One Direction -- but the idea that the soft-spoken singer might have snagged someone as sweet as Taylor is was too adorable to resist. Alas, Sheerswift (Ted?) was not meant to be.

But all hope is not lost. Upon closer listen to the album "+", we realized that there were more than a few golden one-liners that could easily be used to flirt with cute American girls the next time Ed's across the pond. In fact, we highly recommend these lyrical gems to any guy who's got a "Sheerio" in his sights.

Click through the slideshow below for our favorite 10 pick-up lines from Ed's songs, and share any foolproof additions in the comments or tweet @huffpostteen!

Editor's note: We're joking. Please don't actually use these... unless you plan to film the amazing results for us. Thanks.



Ed Sheeran Pick Up Lines