12/28/2012 11:49 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2012

Eustaquio Morales-Hernandez's Facebook Stalking Leads To Fight, Alleged Domestic Assault

A Minnesota man reportedly told officers he would rather go to jail than stay at home with his wife, and he got what he wanted.

Police in Princeton say Eustaquio Israel Morales-Hernandez admitted he had consumed eight or nine beers when he began looking at Facebook photos of his ex-girlfriend, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Union Eagle.

That's when he violated the first rule of Facebook stalking an ex: Don't let your wife catch you Facebook stalking an ex.

Despite the fact that nearly 90 percent of people occasionally "check up" on exes on Facebook, Morales Hernandez's wife was none too pleased about her discovery.

Upon seeing a photo of the woman, she stated that the ex-girlfriend looked like a man. Morales-Herandez then told his wife that she looked like a cow.

According to the complaint, the wife then informed her husband he was a "Mexican burrito" and an "illegal alien," and he said that she was an elephant.

At that point, Morales-Hernandez allegedly began to throw objects, including a bag of sugar and a metal food can, at his wife. One object allegedly hit her in the face. The woman called police, who say that the man told them multiple times he would rather go to jail than stay at home with his wife.

Police arrested him on a charge of domestic assault. According to Busted Mug Shots, he was charged with the same thing in April.

This isn't the first time interactions on the social media site have led to violence.

In April, a Sacramento woman saw a message her husband made on another woman's Facebook page, and interpreted the post as suggestive. The wife's attempts to handle the situation ultimately resulted in a 30-woman brawl, with participants wielding baseball bats, bottles and at least one candleholder.

Last year, a woman in Iowa allegedly burned down her former best friend's house after being unfriended on Facebook.



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